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Coach Carla O'Brien

Hi Everyone!

A great business always starts with a strong "why". My "WHY" has two parts.


First it's important to me that EVERYONE has a place that can help them learn to be safe and happy swimmers!  You might have a child with Autism who loves the water, but you haven't found someone to help them be safe.  Or you might be extremely anxious and can't find someone who can help you push through!  Many who reach their teens and up and have never learned to swim, never do.  Our private setting and my methods, make learning fun, and easy!  You will feel safe in the first 5 minutes with me!


My second "why" is that the swim industry standards need some updating.  We still use the Red Cross Programs developed in 1922 as the standard.  We can use a more competitive swim structure approach building foundational skills like a proper streamline and kick, as well as a deep relaxation with the water that these older methods leave out!  I also believe that water safety doesn't need to look like strokes!  My Methods focus on water safety, specifically as an accomplishment of breath control, balance, tactile safety (able to put face in comfortably) and whatever natural "way" that works for an individual to motor to the side, is what we develop. It's quicker, easier, and more fun!  Strokes and treading are complicated and take strength, so I focus instead on your way, as the way.

I've been teaching swim since I was 16 years old.  This year, it will be 45 years!  That's a lot lot lot of time in the water!  And as a Mom of 4 kids with NeuroDiverse operating systems,  I saw a need to upgrade the swim methods, and learned how to relate to, understand, and help different functioners learn!

Carla Swim is a business of integrity, with a strong focus of ethical and loving practices, as well as getting results!  We are in the business of swimming first, and making money second.  Most swim schools are the other way around :).


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