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Class Descriptions

NEW 3/4 Year Old Water Safety Prep Classes -Younger students learn to be free from tactile sensitivity, balanced, and relaxed in the water as a preparation for becoming truly water safe.  Every student is different but we focus on how to love, trust and use the water to keep your head out, how to float and scull front and back, and introduce the tread.

Special Needs Private Lessons - For those who struggle to focus with a group, follow directions or who have more severe tactile sensitivity or challenges with balance.  This is an initial investment up front for safety and fun in the water for the rest of their lives.  We work on the same skills as others, but find that a more fun and child led approach helps move through any fear or resistance. For one child we might focus just on going under, but work on other skills that do not require face in, to constantly be developing the variety of skills needed so that when they are ready they can seamlessly be connected to become safe and strong in the water.   They might get backstroke first before treading, etc, but the goal is always their ability to handle themselves and be safe!

All other private lessons - summer swim stroke improvement, etc -I also am a resource for competitive swimmers to get some extra stroke and race mechanic work in outside of their normal swim practice.  Regular learn to swim swimmers of any age are welcome as well!  These can be booked in any private lesson spot on the calendar.

Fearful Adult Swim Classes (ages 14 +) I LOVE teaching adults and it is so rewarding to help anyone who has lived for decades with a fear, finally be able to move through and enjoy the water for the rest of their lives!


We structure the lessons for your success by recommending 6- 45 min lessons for permanent progression.  I have never failed to get someone through their fear and water safe.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!  My adult students are always so thrilled that they put all their past failures behind and got it done this time!

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