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The Pool!

fun in the pool.JPG

Our Carla Swim Pool is a 2 lane x 25 yard pool complete with professional lane lines and proper tiling T's for flip turns.

It is 11' deep at the diving well and 3- 4' in the shallow end.

There is a built in 1'deep lesson step that acts as "home base" for small kids to practice their skills feeling safe.

We are located in Round Hill on our  32 acre farm that also houses my other love, Wisdom Spaces!  Wisdom Spaces is a learning and retreat center for well being!  We offer Healing, Coaching and connecting, insightful, and creative experiences that enrich your life and open you to feeling better, doing better and living better!


The setting and vistas are quiet and perfect for fearful swimmers of all ages and parents often take walks, visit the ponies, or just hang out under the giant maple tree at the pool and relax during lessons.  

Contact me for any other questions!

See you in the water!


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