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Frequently asked questions...

What does my child need for lessons?

I am a stickler for well fitting well made goggles!  My goal is to squeeze every minute of productivity and learning into your lesson!  We work fast and stay busy so their goggles need to be tested before you come to your lesson.  Please invest in a pair of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggles.   They come in adult and child sizes, and have adjustable nose bands and comfortable eye sockets that fit every size and shape of face.  For outdoor goggles always get tinted or mirrored due to the sun!  Less squinting means more comfort and better fit!   Water in your goggles is worse than no goggles.  And goggles that fit too tightly are uncomfortable making it difficult to learn.  We need them comfortable and focused!  Amazon link for goggles here!

Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to change, sunscreen, and get ready.

Please bring flip flops or sandals as the deck gets hot!

There is a port a pot available for your comfort and for changing.

Upon registering, you will need to acknowledge a release online to be able to attend your lesson.


What age do you teach?

I offer lessons starting at age 3.  Everyone is different but most kids are ready and able to become fully water safe at around age 4.  Starting with me is a great foundation that will stick throughout their entire life in the water! 


How deep is your pool?

My pool is 11' deep!   Every swimmer will go to the deep end in their first week.  It's imperative that they learn that skills in deep water are the same as in shallow.  Also to be safe in deep water they have to learn to trust it and relax.


Do I need any Swimmies?

No!  I do not put flotation "on" swimmers as it inhibits their ability to balance. I do use noodles and fins to isolate specific skill development.


Do you teach semi-private lessons? (siblings?)

Semi-private lessons can be arranged but only if they are at very similar skill levels!  Please email us to get approval and instructions on how to book a semi- private lesson. 


What do I do while they have lessons?

I welcome parents to sit in the shade of the maple tree and enjoy the vistas.  You are also welcome to take a walk down the road and get some exercise.  Lessons are back to back though, so you need to be sure to be back to gather your child after the lesson.  Siblings are 100% your responsibility and are not allowed near or in the water. 


Where do I change or use the restroom for lessons?

We have a convenient and clean port a pot for your comfort and changing.


What are your Covid Guidelines? 

We follow all government regulations regarding Covid. Including: 

  • No more than 4 swimmers in a lane leaving at opposite ends. 

  • Higher chlorine levels. 

  • Disinfecting between each lesson. 

  • Maintaining proper social distancing on deck. 

  • Honoring the number of people allowed to gather at the same time. 

  • All activities take place in a outdoor setting with plenty of room to spread out. 


If you have further questions please feel free to contact me!  

See you in the water!

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