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Finally, a chance to help different functioners become powerful swimmers for life!

There is a subset of the complex and quirky population that I feel is one of the most underserved populations of people there is. There is not an appropriate or accurate word to describe them but I will do my best. Please do not be offended...

Let's call them "Fringe." Kids who might need a heartier workout than something like adaptive rec or Special Olympics might offer, but who also might really struggle with any of the club teams, due to focus, behavior and tactile sensitivity.

This might include Aspergers, SPD, ADHD, but it also might include others too! I know for my own kids, it was hard to find coaches who understood them, and didn't offer less than what they were capable of, but also not more than they were capable of.

So I have decided it's time to start a team. I am starting with homeschool, mostly due to lane availability being taken up at most of the winter pools by club teams already. I can get lane time before school lets out.

My workouts are for everyone! Parents included! After all swimming is one of the only sports in which the whole family can partake! Anyone who wants to become a strong swimmer and become more fit, is invited to work out and compete with us!

This subset of people deserves to have great coaching and to develop a love of being fit.

Workout groups are very social! They can help people make friends for life! They can help a person know what they are capable of and gain confidence.

And on my team, everyone will belong as exactly who they are! I plan to work hard, and have so much fun together creating a loving community of families!

Maybe we can expand to regular lane times.

Maybe I can find other winter space at some of the swim schools or Parks & Rec Centers.

Maybe we can get big enough to compete at a few USSwim meets a year.

Or maybe we will have our own meets.

Maybe it will just be a great place to gain skills for summer swim!

Let's just see where it goes.

But I am excited! Because I love swimming and I love our kids and families!

It doesn't get much better than that!

See you in the water!


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