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TO OUR COMMUNITY -An excited Helloooo from Carla & Sam!  We so love you, our community of swimmers and parents,  and absolutely can't wait to get back into the water on May 6th!  Just like in the water, where we focus on the important details, Sam and I have been looking at how we can do things even better this year.  

TO NEW & INQUIRING SWIMMERS - Welcome!  If you still have questions after reading about our program and our offerings, please feel free to contact Carla and ask!

Current Offerings for  Summer 2021!

In Season 6/16 - 8/1 

Sam - M,T,W Evening Groups 45 minutes 6:00, 6:45,7:30

           MTW Sunday Private Lessons  12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30


Carla   MTWTh Saturday Private  9;30, 10:00, 10:30, 11';00

(I will be adding more lesson slots for July-September after I fill all the make ups from early season. IT WAS COLD!)



Private Lessons With Coach Carla  ages 3 - 93 including Neurodiverse of all ages 

  • Water Safety- Brand new swimmers or anyone else not able to confidently swim in deep water.  We learn breath control, get comfortable with being under water, front and back float, flutter kick, streamline, a jump into deep water, and develop a patterning to think (how to get to the side) with  some form of "stroke"  in a relaxed manner in all depths of water, as well as easy transitions to all of the above skills.

  • Learn to Swim - these are starting as private lessons but I am considering semi private or group.   To start they will be private lessons only.  Learning includes a reinforcement of all the skills in Water Safety AND development of Freestyle, Backstroke, and a Dive.  You will be able to dive in and swim 25 yards in both Freestyle and Backstroke as you accomplish this level!

Swim Fast with Sam Group Lessons - No matter your level, you can always take your swimming to the next level!  Group lessons are meant for anyone who wants to improve their lap swimming and racing!  Each group is specially tailored to help swimmers progress to important milestones in their swimming journey.  If your swimmer does not fit any of the descriptions, Sam would recommend some private lessons so that they can learn the best habits possible.  Please contact Sam through the form below if you have questions or need help!

  • Level 1 - Develop basics of all strokes and build strength as a lap swimmer.  Students should be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke with ease.

  • Level 2 - Learn more difficult details in ALL the strokes, fine tune the basics, and begin to work on basic race mechanics.  Should be able to complete 50 yards freestyle and backstroke with ease.

  • Level 3 - Work on perfecting and strokes and race mechanics, and learn special racing tips and tricks that can help you win!  Should be able to swim 200 Freestyle with ease.

  • PRE SEASON PRIVATE/SEMI PRIVATE - If you want to get a head start on summer swim, private lessons are the way to go.  Even just a few lessons to refresh the body and mind on how to swim fast, can make all the difference this summer!  If you have a group of friends that you want to bring, message Sam below and he will work out the details!

What makes us different? Why are we so full?
The Carla Swim Method redefines the swim lesson with a unique methodology built out of 40+ years of experience with all kinds of learners and functioners of all ages!  We have a powerful focus on results, but in a fun and easy way!
Not one second of your lesson is spent waiting on the side.  Our lessons are designed and executed for maximum progress and a ton of fun in every lesson.   We develop trusted relationships with a deep understanding of learning styles.  We don't force, but instead, co create each session offering swimmers a sense of confidence and trust that opens them up to pushing through those challenging comfort zones.  They learn how capable they are and this carries over into other areas of their life.  Our work together inspires our swimmers to their best and most confident selves.
might have a diagnosis like ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, or Anxiety or  you might just be really sensitive and scared.  Many of our students come from other schools where their child was just not learning or had a scary incident and stopped making progress.  Environment matters, and to this population, it matters a lot!   We offer a private pool and an outdoor, quiet ,safe space. private instruction so that you can be focused and learn your way. We can go as fast or as slow as necessary to keep you moving forward and feeling successful at your pace!but that doesn't really matter. 
A hugely successful new offering last year where kids could strengthen their basic skills, or improve their strokes and race mechanics for competition!  Sam is a Nationally Ranked Swimmer and Virginia 4A State Champion in the 500 Free and 100 Back.  Small groups and private lessons to help you gain the skill and stamina to be a powerful swimmer for life!
Our private and quiet setting has calm water and no distractions or embarrassment, which is the perfect space  to be focused, and in which you can gain your confidence and skills!  It is helpful for those who are highly distracted or sensitive to noise, and is greatly preferred by adults who never learned to swim, because there is no embarrassment of being seen.  The joy of  overcoming a lifetime of fear translates to life confidence in many other areas as well.

Covid Policies

We comply with all state mandates for safe swimming!

  • Chlorine will be kept higher than usual at 2.0 or above. 

  • The pool deck, tile, equipment, port a pot, and toys will be sanitized between each swimmer/group.

  • We ask that parents try not to bring all the siblings, to reduce exposure.  We understand that in some cases it's just necessary. If siblings are present, please try to have them sit together, and sanitize hands as they arrive.

  • Swim groups with be max 4 per lane.

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