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Update on Lessons Early Summer 2023

After my year of cancer treatment, I've been working really hard to gain strength back to be able to teach.  As you know, I'm a very physical teacher, allowing our neurodivergent kids to be who they are, which includes following them around the pool if that's what they need.  

While I've been swimming, riding my bike, and walking almost every day, the progress is slow.  It's frustrating, but also I accept what it is and am just glad to be here!  

I've waited as long as possible to put out an answer hoping I could improve enough.  At this point I don't feel like my body is ready for the rigor of lessons.  My answer is still a MAYBE in the sense that in a few weeks I might feel ready, but I wanted to put something out there so you can plan your summer!

We'll see how I do between now and when school lets out.  So for now, I'm not taking any students, but please stay tuned!  If you are not on my newsletter, please join, as I always announce there first.

Thank you for your interest, I'm so grateful, and I'll be dropping another newsletter and posting her just before school lets out in mid June.  

Thank you and sending love!


Welcome to Western Loudoun's Premier Swim School!

We are known for our incredible focus on results!

Whether you are here to become water safe, to learn strokes, or to get fast,

we get it done!

I specialize in the Neurodiverse who struggle to learn in regular lessons.  

My unique methodology is proven to help the most anxious, fearful, quirky and even traumatized swimmers, ages 3 to adult.

But... we teach everyone else too! 

THE CARLA SWIM METHOD redefines the swim lesson with a unique methodology built out of 40+ years of experience with all kinds of learners and functioners of all ages!  We have a powerful focus on results, but in a fun and easy way!


Every skill learned here has a foundational platform for strokes. Yet I saw, that especially for the neurodiverse, strokes were complicated and treading is one of the hardest and most physically exhausting skills of all.  Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for those with Autism.  I realized that their unique way of becoming safe in the water was the fastest and easiest way!  It might look like underwater swimming, doggy paddle, or something else, but they are safe because they learn to relax and use the water.  Water Safety is our level one offering.  


Not one second of your lesson is spent waiting on the side.  Our lessons are designed and executed for maximum progress and a ton of fun in every lesson. 
We develop trusted relationships with a deep understanding of learning styles. 

We don't force, but instead, co create each session offering swimmers a sense of confidence and trust that opens them up to pushing through those challenging comfort zones. 

They learn how capable they are and this carries over into other areas of their life. 

​Our work together inspires our swimmers to their best and most confident selves.

Swimmers that might have a diagnosis like ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, or Anxiety or  you might just be really sensitive and scared, thrive here.

Many of our students come from other schools where their child was just not learning or had a scary incident and stopped making progress. 

Environment matters, and to this population, it matters a lot!   We offer a private pool and an outdoor, quiet ,safe space. private instruction so that you can be focused and learn your way.

We can go as fast or as slow as necessary to keep you moving forward and feeling successful at your pace!

Two 25 yard lanes offer the chance to really develop rhythm and longevity in your strokes.  If you can't swim a few laps in deep water with ease, you are not really water safe.

Summer Swim lanes are so full, that it's hard to get fast, and get the attention you need to develop your race mechanics and strokes.  We offer group programs to accomplish that!
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Deep Water



Co Created

Deep Water

Allow swimmer to be who they are




These are just a few of the principles of the Carla Swim Method, that helps even the most differently behaved, anxious, non communicative person, become safe and happy in the water!
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