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Some kids just need something different...why your local lessons are not working...

The way traditional Red Cross lessons are taught is antiquated. In today's world, our kids have much different learning styles, focus, and behavior than when those programs were written 100 years ago...

I've seen a big change myself in the last five years with a prevalence of sensory integration dysfunction, in other words, kids have a sensory system that is unbalanced. Some are over sensitive, and some under sensitive.

The "undersensitive" are the ones who jump right into the deep end. Unconcerned about water in their eyes, or temperature, they push off the wall or jump in the deep with no regard to how they will breathe or get back. They tend to be big movers, learning mostly through their body's movements. These kids need repetition and a swim class that can allow them to move to learn. Repetition and a savvy about how they function is imperative for them to become water safe.

The "oversensitive" are extremely afraid to put faces, nose, mouth, and ears in. Temperature matters a lot, and they worry about a lot of things in life as their bodies are so sensitive that they live in a protective mode all the time. They need a teacher who can sort of come in sideways, make it fun and no big deal, and give them some understanding and empowerment to make choices to overcome their fears one tiny step at a time. Pushing here, creates resistance.

What I hear most often is that they are either kicked out of lessons, or they don't get much out of them. Even worse, they become more fearful...

The antidotes to these challenges are an instructor who understands how to get through their challenges by creating relationship to ease anxiety, and who allows them to do it their way. This can't happen in the classes with 8 -12 kids in them. For many these are ok, but for many they are not...

If you have a quirky kid, and want to make some progress this summer, contact me through my web site, and let's connect. I still have some spaces open for the next month.

I also will be publishing a small guide to how you the parents can help your child overcome their challenges themselves with your help. I will be showing you what to do, how to be with them, and a few key, basic skills to help them become safe in the water.

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