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Trust, a key factor in lesson success because they are always doing their best...

I always have a myriad of types of students in the water. Vastly different ages from 3 to adult with different capabilities and challenges. Every single one of them can learn to swim, and the pace and even the style at which that gets accomplished is also just as varied.

But there is one factor that remains completely consistent throughout everyone.

The concept of Trust.

Trust between myself and the student that they will be safe.

Trust that what they are telling me and showing me is true for them.

Trust that no matter how non linear the learning seems, as long as we make progress every lesson, that they will become great, safe swimmers.

Trust that the water will hold them up if they relax.

and the most important trust of all,

that they will show me, how it all needs to happen.

When they tell me their fears and challenges, I trust it completely.

"I feel like I am going to fall under when I try to float on my back."

" The water feels uncomfortable in my ears."

"The drips are bothering me."

"I'm worried that I won't be able to breathe right and will get water in my nose."

For when we have a safe space to name what is going on for us, we can work through anything.

I always honor what I am shown and told, and explain to their mind and emotions how we can move beyond what is troubling, and also create exercises to gain that skill, one tiny chunk at a time.

We just believe them, honor them, and co create (with the student as participant) solutions.

And when we do push through that skill, the confidence in themselves and in each other grows full force forward generating more trust, confidence and inspiration.

What they show me is what is next, always. I trust them and this process.

For when I trust, their resistance goes away, and learning happens,

Lesson after lesson and then "click!"


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